Angle Photography Covid-19 Guidelines and Policies

All those employed with Angle Photography will be following these strict guidelines:

  • employees will wear masks during the entire session

  • maintain physical distance at all times while shooting and not shooting clients

  • sanitize and disinfect all equipment and props used in our shoot

  • sanitize hands before and after handling props to clients

  • hair, makeup, wardrobe adjustments will be done entirely by the client to maintain physical distancing

  • all transactions will be done electronically

  • the entire session from start to finish will be hands free and kept within strict physical distancing measures as outlined by provincial health officers


As clients our guidelines are as follows:

  • maintain physical distance at all times while being shot and not being shot

  • be responsible for your own grooming such as hair, makeup, clothing adjustments or any other adjustments necessary for the best results for your session


*if clients wish to use a mask while we are not shooting they are more than welcome to. Clients will supply their own masks if they wish to use them. Clients should also bring with them a touch up kit for their hair and makeup as well as a lint roller brush for their wardrobe if they have one.


Please DO NOT book a session if the following apply to you:


  • you are returning or have returned from anywhere outside of the CANADA and have not self-isolated for a minimum of 14 days and are free of any illness

  • you are currently feeling unwell from any illness such as the common cold, Covid-19,  or seasonal allergies

  • you have been in contact with anyone who has contracted or has been tested for Covid-19 and are awaiting results


Currently we are only shooting outside as current global findings are suggesting that Covid-19 transmission in indoor spaces can be passed in micro aerosol droplets circulating in contained environments.  As such to minimize the risk ‘open spaces with few faces’ is the approach we are taking.  Our aim is to provide our services in a low risk environment as much as possible that makes it safe and enjoyable for our clients.  If for any reason any Angle Photography personnel are not feeling well we will inform the client and discuss options to either reschedule your shoot or cancel. If for any reason the client is not feeling well such as experiencing any cold, flu, or Covid-19 like symptoms please contact us and we can cancel or reschedule your appointment. 


Angle Photography reserves the right at our discretion to cancel, postpone or reschedule a session if the session environment (unforeseen or developing circumstances) present an unsafe risk to the safety of Angle Photography or to its clients either at any time before the scheduled session or during the session.