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Baby Rose is all fresh and clean on a fluffy blanket captured by Angle Photography.
Baby Rose ready for her newborn photos after her nap.
Happy mommy Melanie and baby Rose snuggling together.
Rose showing off her cute little feet during our newborn photo session.
Baby Rose holding on tightly to mommy's finger.
Baby Rose all cozy with roses on a white fur rug.
Baby Tion sharing a tender moment with poppa and momma during our newborn photo session.
Baby Tion's tears being comforted by his daddy.
Baby's cute and kissable feet.
Baby Tion all safe and secure in mommy's arms.
Baby Tion all nestled in mommy's forearms.
Baby Tion Newborn Photos.
Baby Tion is all smiles on this cozy knitted wool blanket.
Baby Natalia all bundled up in a basket.
Baby Natalia Newborn Photos.
Baby Natalia falls silently asleep during our newborn photos session captured by Angle Photography.
Newborn baby Natalia
Baby Natalia wrapped in a wool blanket while nestled in her nest.
Proud daddy with his children and newborn baby.
Baby Xavier hamming it up for the camera on a white fur rug for our newborn photos.
Baby Xavier is ready to get to work wearing his tie.
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