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Business Headshot Preparation: What should I do beforehand?

Need to update your business profile? A fresh headshot is a great way for potential clients and business professionals to put a face to a name. One of the most common questions I get asked before a headshot session is "What should I do to prepare for our shoot?" A big part of your day is wardrobe. I always tell my clients to avoid bright or vibrant colors, loud patterns that can be distracting or 'buzz', anything with a visible logo, or something that has lost its shape or color over the years. The best options are solid neutral tones, freshly pressed and clean, free from wrinkles and lint (as much as possible), and something you feel great in! We want your wardrobe to compliment your beautiful faces! It's a good idea to do any personal grooming (hair cuts, hair color treatments, beard trims, eyebrows, etc.) at least a day or two before. Also, you might want to consider booking a professional hair stylist and makeup artist on the day of your photoshoot. Remember to get a good night's sleep, moisturize your skin, and most importantly have fun on the day!

business profile headshot
Business Headshot Preparation

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